Global Center of Excellence for Education and Research on Signal Transduction
Medicine in the Coming Generation

− Bringing up clinician-scientists in the alliance between basic and clinical medicine −
Training young reseachers

1.Training young researchers and support for their independence
1) System for nurturing young researchers
 We will provide a three-stage system: a conventional post-doctoral course and, for young researchers who have completed post-doctoral training, Track A and Track B. Track A is a tenure track in which the researcher is promoted to a tenured position (associate professor) in 3 to 5 years, based on strict evaluation. In Track A, a young researcher (assistant professor) is a principle investigator (PI), and is assured complete independence in research and provided research funding and space. Track B is an intermediate position between post-doctoral fellowship and Track A, similar to that of a research associate in the USA. Promotion from Track B to Track A is also based on strict evaluation. Both Track A and Track B candidates will be recruited by international public advertisement and recommendation. Candidates will be selected only after strict evaluation, including review of research proposals written in English and past achievements. For outstanding students and post-doctoral fellows, a career path will be provided to continue their activities at Kobe University. For selection of young researchers to become leading clinician-scientists, advanced clinical skills will be evaluated as well as experimental research ability.

2) Support for career path establishment
 The post-doctoral course and Track B will include a career development education program in which research presentations at international meetings and short-term research abroad will be encouraged for researchers to develop their ability to conduct international activities. Various pathways for support of career development, including appointment to higher positions within the COE, research positions at other research facilities, and long-term research abroad, depending on their aptitude and ability, will be available.


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