Fostering internationally competitive personnel


Internationally competitive personnel fostered by this program will draw on their internationally recognized expertise in medicine and health sciences, their specific abilities to handle problems in ASEAN countries, and their practical abilities to communicate in English. These aspects will allow them to serve as physicians, educators and researchers, specialists in advanced medical care, and healthcare industry personnel at the leading edge of care. University education and hands-on experience are both essential to fostering internationally competitive personnel. Thus, this program offers vast opportunities for participation in hospital practica, training at research institutes, and internships so that participants can gain hands-on experience. All of the participants in this program will have the chance to intern at the WHO Center for Health Development (WHO Kobe Center) and train at the Hyogo-IPHES. Internship assignments leading up to 2015 have already increased, and plans are in place to work with foreign and domestic NPOs in medicine and health sciences. Moreover, participants are given the opportunity to use the academic knowledge and skills they learned through university activities, such as lectures by WHO representatives at Kobe University, in actual settings. Participants are also given hands-on experience in medicine and health sciences. These aspects further cultivate practical knowledge and skills, a desire to take on challenges, and the ability to communicate. The program seeks to foster internationally competitive personnel that will be sought by educational and research institutions, healthcare and medical facilities, and private firms.