Program goals

Fostering personnel who can overcome global issues such as infectious diseases and help achieve a sustainable society is a major issue facing the world. Given the changing types of diseases affecting developing countries, particularly ASEAN countries as they rapidly urbanize, personnel who can help deal with problems in medicine and health sciences, which includes infectious disease control, need to be cultivated. Japan’s help in this regard is needed.

This program has brought together Kobe University, Osaka University, the University of Indonesia, Gadjah Mada University, Airlangga University, Mahidol University, Chiang Mai University, the WHO Center for Health Development (WHO Kobe Center), and the Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Public Health and Environmental Sciences (Hyogo-IPHES). This program will capitalize on Kobe University’s presence in Indonesia and Osaka University’s presence in Thailand. Through the world-class education offered by Kobe University and Osaka University, the program seeks to foster “Future Generations of Global Leaders in Medicine and Health” in coordination and collaboration with ASEAN countries.