Participants' Accounts


Seminar program (workshop for graduate students)

The workshop for graduate students conducted on January 31st was fully arranged by students from Kobe University and the University of Indonesia. Students took care of everything from pre-departure preparations and planning to meetings and practice prior to the workshop and even conducted the workshop itself. Presentations were given by seven students from Kobe University’s Graduate School of Medicine and Graduate School of Health Sciences and six students from the University of Indonesia. In addition to the student presenters, the workshop was attended by many students and personnel associated with the University of Indonesia. During the workshop, participants engaged in enthusiastic discussions, and once the workshop concluded, certificate of completions were awarded.

Credited Program

Report from a graduate student who participated in 3 month Credit Program at University of Indonesia from January to April 2013.

Report by Graduate students who participated in Credit Program from February to May, 2013 at Kobe University.