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1. General Policy

"Kobe Journal of Medical Sciences"(Hereafter KJMS) is an online journal. We online-publish original works in medical/biomedical sciences and case reports written in English, after editorial review.
Contributors are responsible for the payment of all charges, including processing fee and page charges.

Papers accepted for online-publication are posted on this web site ("CONTENTS" section) in PDF format.
Accepted papers are also indexed in "PubMed", where they provide links to the PDF documents as "free full-text"articles. Our publications can thus be viewed from anywhere in the world.

2. Manuscript submission guidelines

Please make sure that your manuscript follows the guidelines below:

(1) It is written in clear, concise and grammatical English.
Authors are strongly advised to have the manuscript proofread by a native English speaker or a person who is well-experienced in writing English manuscripts.

(2) The submission must be original, unpublished work that is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

(3) Submit papers in accordance with the regulations stated in "Format" section, in PDF format up to 2 MB as an e-mail attachment.

(4) All authors must agree to submission of the manuscript and transferal of their respective copyright to KJMS.

When reporting on experiments on human subjects or animals, authors should indicate in the manuscript whether the procedures followed were in accordance with the ethical standards of the institutional and national guidelines.

(6) Off-label use of drugs, biologics or medical devices on human subjects must be approved by the institutional review boards of all participating institutions and be so stated in the manuscripts.

(7)Authors are expected to disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

(8) Authors are fully responsible for the contents of their submissions and KJMS assumes no responsibility for said content.

3. Copyright Transfer

The authors must submit a " Copyright Transfer Form" along with their manuscripts. Submission of the form to the Editorial Office implies that the authors agree to the following conditions:

(1) If accepted for publication by KJMS, the same paper cannot be contributed elsewhere without express written permission for reproduction issued by the Editor-in-Chief of KJMS.

(2) KJMS holds the rights to license any reproduction, including and not limited to, duplication, and inputting in databases, of its publication.

The permission for reproduction is issued by the Editor-in-Chief. Please let us know beforehand and credit the original material(s), when you reproduce an article or a part thereof from KJMS.

4. Checklist

The authors must submit a "Checklist" which states whether the manuscript follows our guidelines. Please read "Notes on filling out the checklist".

5. Expenses

All accepted manuscripts will incur a processing fee of 30,000 yen in addition to the page charges (8,000 yen per page). Please make the payment by bank transfer only. Other means of payment such as credit card, personal check, bank draft, or money order, etc. are not available.

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Please format your manuscripts BEFORE THE FIRST SUBMISSION, in accordance with the following instructions. Manuscripts that do not conform to these guidelines are treated as "SPAM" and ignored.

1. Format

Input text using Microsoft Word:

Manuscripts should be typed using Microsoft Word (hereafter "Word") in the following format and made into PDF document. (Download sample document >> [ Word ], [ PDF ] , or template >> [ for Word ] ).
Paper size should be set to A4 (21.0 x 29.7cm) with 2.5cm margins on all sides.
Use only "Times New Roman" font, except for "Symbol" font for Greek characters.

Generally, papers should contain the following sections:
Title etc.
On the first page, state the title of the article, names of authors, name and address of the laboratory where the work was performed. Also, list 4-6 key words. Indicate the corresponding author by an asterisk, and input their contact information (phone number, fax number and e-mail address) to the footer.
Input first author's name in the header section of every even-numbered page. Input running title to the paper's header for the 3rd and every subsequent odd page. The header section should contain up to 50 letters including spaces.
Summarize the argument, preferably in less than 250 words, in bold letters. Avoid excessive abbreviations and references. Do not include diagrams.
Materials and Methods
Results (Clinical Case(s))
List references in the following style (Use bold fonts for authors and volume numbers):
8. Hayakawa, T., Perkins, J.P., and Krebs, E.G. 1973. Studies on the subunit structure of rabbit skeletal muscle phosphorylase kinase. Biochemistry 12:547-580.
13. Russell, P.K., Brandt, W.E., and Dalrymple, J.M. 1980. Chemical and antigenic structure of flaviviruses, p.503-529. In Schlesinger, R.W. (ed.), Togaviruses. Academic Press, New York, USA.
Figures and Tables
Embed them into appropriate places instead of gathering them at the end.
Entitle each, and add legends so that readers can understand their general meanings without referring to the text.


The final typescript will be posted as is.

We strongly advise having the manuscript proofread by a native English speaker or a person who is well-experienced in writing English manuscripts.
Please take care of the following points as well:
Title: Capitalize first letters of every word, except for articles (a, the) and prepositions.
Author: Capitalize all letters.
Affiliations: Capitalize appropriate place and institution names.
Fonts: Use "Symbol" for Greek characters, superscript "o" and capital "C" for degree Celsius mark, and "special characters" pallet for plus, minus or other mathematical characters.
Headers and Footers: should be input as follows:
page, section contents
1st page, footer Contact information for corresponding author
(phone number, fax number, and e-mail address)
even-numbered page, header First author's name (See sample document)
3rd and every odd page, header Abbreviated title (up to 50 letters including spaces)

Make PDF document:

Make the Word document into a PDF document, using "Adobe Acrobat" (See ).

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2. Submit by e-mail

Authors are required to send the following documents as e-mail attachments. Please virus-scan all the files
immediately before sending. Submissions without any of these documents will not be processed further.

e-mail address:

a. Cover Letter (Word document or PDF document)
State the following information about the manuscript and author(s):
* Title of the article
* Field of study (Epidemiology, Genetics etc.)
* Brief summary of the manuscript
* Contact information for the corresponding author
(complete mailing address (including street address, etc.), e-mail address, telephone number, and fax number (if applicable)).

If a cover letter lacks any of the above-mentioned information, we may ask for re-submission before forwarding the manuscript to referees.
Contact information will be used only for necessary correspondence between authors and the Editorial Office.

b. Manuscript (PDF document)
Make the entire manuscript into one PDF file. File size should preferably be within 1 MB, and should not exceed 2 MB. Authors have the responsibility to keep their original file.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

c. Copyright Transfer Form (Word, PDF, JPEG, or other printable formats).
Please download the format "HERE". Detailed information is stated in POLICIES section

d. Checklist
Please download the format "HERE". Detailed information is stated in POLICIES section

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1. Reception
When the Editorial Office receives a manuscript, a reception notice is sent within a week by e-mail to the corresponding author. It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to inform the co-authors of the manuscript's status throughout the submission and review process.

2. Review
We have adopted a 2-step review system, employing associate editors in December, 2013.
The chief editor elects one associate editor depending on his/her expertise and the associate editor selects two reviewers for the first step review.  In some cases the associate editor can seek opinions from additional specialists in appropriate areas, and then will give some suggestions to the chief editor on the suitability of a manuscript for publication recommending that we accept, reject, or require modification.  For the second step review, the chief editor decides whether the manuscript requires a second round review or not.  The chief editor will make the final decision on the manuscript.
All manuscripts are considered confidential, and reviewers will remain unknown to the authors.

3. Modification
Reviewers' comments are sent to the corresponding author by e-mail.
When modification is requested, the authors have to either submit a modified version or withdraw the manuscript. Submission of the 2nd and following versions should consist of a PDF document of the modified manuscript, and a letter listing point-by-point response to the reviewers' comments.

4. Acceptance
Acceptance letter will be sent to the corresponding author. For the final typescript, please send a Word document of the final version to the Editorial Office.
Please note that any major changes after acceptance are subject to further review and may delay publication.

5. Page-Charge Statement
All accepted manuscripts will incur a processing fee of 30,000 yen in addition to the page charges (8,000 yen per page), e.g., 86,000 yen for a 7-page article.
We accept payment in Japanese Yen (JPY) via bank transfer only.
Please note that other means of payment such as credit card, personal check, bank draft, or money order, etc. are not available.

6. Online Publication
After the Editorial Office confirms the payment of the processing fee and page charge, volume number, issue number and page numbers are added to the final typescript, and it will appear on this web site in CONTENTS section.
After an appropriate number of articles is assembled, it will be indexed in "PubMed" as an "issue" of Kobe J. Med. Sci.
Shortly after online publication, the contents appear in "PubMed", and from "PubMed" a link is provided to the free full-text-PDFs of all articles at our website.

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If you have any question, feel free to contact us at:

Phone: +81-78-382-5018