Kobe Journal of Medical Sciences, 1995

TI: Mixed cell malignant melanoma of the ciliary body.

AU: Karim-MM; Inoue-M; Ohbayashi-C; Ito-H

AD: Department of Ophthalmology, Kobe University School of Medicine.

SO: Kobe-J-Med-Sci. 1995 Oct; 41(5): 155-66

ISSN: 0023-2513

PY: 1995



AB: Malignant melanomas of the ciliary body are uncommon tumors and the ratio of occurrence in the ciliary body to that in the choroid is 1:10. These tumors may have a nodular or diffuse growth pattern or combination of the two. The authors recently encountered a malignant melanoma of the ciliary body. After evaluation of the results of clinical examination, computed tomography(CT) and magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) a tentative diagnosis of malignant melanoma of the ciliary body in the left eye was made and an enucleation was done. Histopathological examination revealed the case as a mixed cell malignant melanoma of the ciliary body. The patient was followed up for approximately one year with no signs of metastasis or recurrence.

Published Bimonthly by Kobe University School of Medicine, Kobe, Japan