Providing of WHHLMI rabbits

Colony of the WHHLMI rabbits at Kobe University will be closed in March, 2018.
Provision of the WHHLMI rabbit is also end in March, 2018.

We would like to thank you for your support so far.

I. From Kobe University
We can provide WHHLMI rabbits, an animal model for spontaneous hypercholesterolemia, coronary atherosclerosis, and myocardial infarction, not only academia but commercial companaies including pharmaceutical compnaies, animal breeders, if you agree to our MTA.
Would you please contact to Dr. Shiomi ( about providing of WHHLMI rabbits before prepareing the MTA?

MTA about providing WHHLMI rabbits

For academia
: You can get an example of the MTA form in this page.

        English version
          English version for Supply  

        or   Japanese version
          Japanese version for Supply

Would you please contact to Dr. Shiomi ( prior to preparation of MTA?    Dr. Shiomi will send you the MTA form of Word version.

For commercial companies: Would you please contact to Dr. Shiomi (

For academia
We provide WHHLMI rabbits with for profit from July 4, 2017.
Keeping WHHLMI rabbit colony requires considerable expenditure. The profits paid by users of WHHLMI rabbits are used as one of the budget for keeping WHHLMI rabbit colony. Your understanding and support will be helpful in keeping WHHLMI rabbit colony and providing WHHLMI rabbits to researchers in the world. We are grateful for you understanding and support.
The unit price varies depend on the age of rabbits and in case with or without collaboration. Price list for academic use is as follwos;

        List of the Unit Price for Supply

Tthe unit price of rabbits older than 12 months of age was drastically reduced from July, 2017.

        List of the Unit Price for Transfer

These price do not contain any fee or charge for transport.

For commercial companies: Would you please contact to Dr. Shiomi (

Results of Examination of Pathogenic Microbes
We examined pathogenic microbes of 10% of rabbits in our WHHLMI colony annualy. The results from 2007 are as follwos;

        Health Monitoring Reports 2007-2017

Please contact to Dr. Masashi Shiomi, Associate Professor of Institute for Experimental Animals, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine. His e-mail address is

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