Department of Clinical Molecular Medicine
Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases
Prof. Masato Kasuga  
(1) Molecular biology on pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus, analysis of disorders of carbonhydrate and lipid metabolism, and clinical application
  (2) Molecular biology on pathogenesis of digestive disease and application to cancer therapy
  (3) Molecular biology on pathogenesis of kidney disease and complication of kidney failure
  (4) Molecular biology on pathogenesis of obesity and emaciation and clinical application
Endocrinology/Metabolism, Neurology, and Hematology/Oncology
Prof. Kazuo Chihara  
(1) Neuroendocrinology (elucidation of the mechanisms in the central nervous system, particularly the hypothalamus, which regulate somatic growth, reproduction and aging as well as of the program which determines life span)
  (2) Molecular biology of the hormone and its receptor gene on the mechanism of pathogenesis and elucidation of pathophysiology of various endocrine disease
  (3) Molecular biology on the mechanism of pathogenesis and elucidation of pathophysiology of metabolic bone disease and abnormal calcium metabolism
  (4) Electrophysiology and molecular biology on the mechanism of pathogenesis and elucidation of pathophysiology of neurodegenerative disease and intractable muscular disease
  (5) Gene diagnosis of hematopoietic malignant tumor and development of the new therapy (elucidation of the self-replication mechanism of hemopoietic stem cells, induction therapy of leukemia cell differentiation by the blood cell differentiation-related gene, cancer therapy by the gene transfer to the hemopoietic stem cells)
Prof. Chikako Nishigori  
(1) Molecular and epidemiological study on skin carcinogenesis
  (2) Clinical oncology: diagnosis and treatment
  (3) Genetic diagnosis and gene therapy on genetic photodermatosis
  (4) Photoaging: study on photoaging mechanisms and application of tissue engineering
  (5) Inhibitory effect of solar radiation on immunity: relevance to human health
  (6) Molecular and biological study on the effect of reactive oxygen species on skin pathophysiology
  (7) Cellular biology of keratinocyte and melanocyte
  (8) Clinical and basic aspects of cutaneous allergy
Gastroenterological Surgery
Prof. Yoshikazu Kuroda  
(1) Living/cadaveric donor pancreas transplantation for type I diabetes
  (2) Procurement and organ preservation for pancreas/islet transplantation with the two-layer (PFC/UW) method
  (3) Mechanism of cancer metastasis/invasion and development of multimodality treatment for pancreatic cancer
  (4) Pathophysiology and treatment of severe acute pancreatitis
  (5) Living donor liver transplantation for end-stage liver disease
  (6) Multimodality treatment for liver cancer
  (7) Development of molecule-targetting therapy for gastrointestinal cancer
  (8) Minimally invasive surgery for malignant gastrointestinal diseases
  (9) Studies on pathophysiology and surgical treatment for benign gastrointestinal diseases (inflammatory bowel diseases)
  (10) Clinical application of cancer associated oncogenes for bile duct cancer
  (11) Surgical treatment of endocrine diseases (breast and thyroid cancers)
Department of Biomedical Informatics
Molecular Pathology
(1) General pathology; anatomical and surgical pathology
  (2) Molecular pathology
(a) Carcinogenesis and mechanism of invasion and metastasis of gastrointestinal, hemotopoietic, gynecological and pulmonary neoplasia
(b) Molecular mechanism of skeletal development and osteoblast and osteoclast differentiation
(c) Molecular mechanism of skeletal metastasis
(d) Molecular mechanism of cardiovascular disease
Surgical Pathology
Prof. Hiroshi Yokozaki  
(1) Human molecular tumor pathology
(a) Verification of the basic genome research findings in the human molecular tumor pathology.
(b) Integrated analysis of molecular and morphological alterations during the course of human carcinogenesis.
(c) Study on the environmental and host factors for the human carcinogenesis.
  (2) Surgical pathology
(a) Application of molecular pathological techniques and findings to the diagnostic pathology
(b) Development of the protocol for the diagnosis of "individuality"on human neoplasias.
Clinical Pathology and Immunology
Prof. Shunichi Kumagai  
(1) Tolerance and pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases
  (2) Diagnosis and treatment for collagen diseases
  (3) Immunological research for morbid condition
  (4) Oxidative stress and immunology
  (5) Evidence-oriented Laboratory Medicine
Prof. Kazuro Sugimura  
(1) Diagnostic Radiology
(a) General radiology (X-ray, CT, MRI, RI, US, etc)
(b) Radiologic and pathologic correlation
(c) Management of medical imaging informatics and image processing
(d) Magnetic resonance in medicine
(e) Positron emission CT
  (2) Therapeutic radiology
(a) Radiation oncology & multidisciplinary therapeutic studies
(b) Interventional radiology
Department of Environmental Health and Safety
Public Health
Prof. Hisahide Nishio  
(1) Analysis of cellular responses to exposure of chemical pollutants
  (2) Measurement of metal concentration of the individuals residing in cadmium-polluted areas
  (3) Assessing the health-levels of the communities in Hyogo Prefecture
  (4) Molecular genetic diagnosis of the inherited neuromuscular disorders
  (5) Clinical application of jaundice-related gene analysis to the neonatal care
Legal Medicine
Prof. Yasuhiro Ueno  
(1) Lipid peroxidation and cell membrane disorder by free radicals
  (2) Molecular study of alcohol-related medicine
  (3) Cause of death of unnatural death
  (4) Forensic pathology and toxicology
Psychiatry and Neurology
Prof. Kiyoshi Maeda  
(1) Molecular Genetics of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders
  (2) Neuroimaging and Neurohistopathology of Dementing Illness
  (3) Clinical Psychogeriatrics
  (4) Psychoparmacology of Schizophrenia, Mood Disorders and Suicide Behaviours
  (5) Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Traumatology in Childhood,Child Abuse
Disaster and Emergency Medicine
Prof. Noboru Ishii  
(1) Studies on improvement survival rate of CPAOA (Cardiopulmonary Arrest on arrival) patients
  (2) Studies on life-threatening emergencies
  (3) Studies on therapeutic approach to severely injured patients
  (4) Studies on improvement of prehospital care
  (5) Studies on pathophysiologic analysis of blood purification against sepsis and severe injuries
  (6) Studies on psychiatry problems of patients in ER and ICU
Department of International and Environmental Medical Sciences
Molecular Medicine and Medical Genetics
Prof. Yoshitake Hayashi  
(1) Molecular and genetic analyses of cancer, infection, degenerative and inherited diseases
  (2) Analyses of the relationship between genomic polymorphism and the character of diseases
  (3) New therapeutic approaches, Regenerative Medicine and Gene Therapy
  (4) Molecular and genetic approaches to control cardiovascular diseases
  (5) Morphological and genetic diagnosis, and new therapeutic approaches to haematopoietic diseases
  (6) Diagnosis, therapy and managements of liver diseases
  (7) International study of molecular and genetic epidemiology of diseases
International Health
Prof. Masato Kawabata  
(1) Research and development of tools for infectious disease control
  (2) Studies on infectious disease management and development of oral vaccine
  (3) Studies on mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance and its control
  (4) Application of geographic information system to infectious disease control
Department of Sociomedical Informatics
Clinical Genome Informatics
Prof. Norihiro Sakamoto  
(1) Discovery and Analysis of Disease-related Genes(SNP Analysis)
(a) Statistical Genetics
(b) Knowledge Discovery in Databases(Data Mining)
  (2) Research and Development of IT Infrastructure in the Post-Genome Era
(a) Standardization and Security of Clinical Genome Information
(b) Electronic Health Records with Genome Information
Biosignal Pathophysiology
Prof. Hisamitsu Baba  
(1) Prophylactic medicine (Research on etiology, prevention, early diagnosis, and therapy of adolescent & middle-aged diseases)
  (2) Endocrinology and Metabolism (Research on etiology, prevention, early diagnosis, and therapy of thyroid & parathyroid diseases)
  (3) Gastroenterology and hepatology (research on etiology, prevention, early diagnosis, and therapy of digestive diseases)
Health Informatics and Sciences
Prof. Isao Kamae  
(1) Disaster epidemiology and management in health care
  (2) Health care telematics and decision support systems
  (3) Risk analysis and technology assessment in medicine
  (4) Evidence-based medicine and decision making
Department of Imaging Medicine and Ion Beam Therapy
Imaging Medicine and Ion Beam Therapy
Prof. Michio Senda  
(1) Study on in vivo functional imaging with PET
  (2) Study on integrated radiation therapy
  (3) Study on medical application of MR technology
Imaging Medicine and Ion Beam Therapy
Prof. Yoshio Hishikawa  
(1) Basic and clinical studies on ion beam treatment
  (2) Study on the relative biological effectiveness of ion beams
  (3) Study on the autoactivation of ion beam treatment
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