Department of Organs Therapeutics
Prof. Eiji Kohmura  
(1) Research for skull base surgery (microsurgical anatomy, neurophysiology, and surgical approach)
  (2) Research for clinical application of intraoperative MRI
  (3) Research for computer assisted neuronavigation surgery
  (4) Research for pathogenesis and treatment of various hydrocephalus
  (5) Research for neuro-endoscopy
(6) Research for surgery of cerebrovascular diseases including endovascular treatment
  (7) Research for pathophysiology and treatment of syringomyelia and other spinal disorders
  (8) Research for multimodality treatment of malignant brain tumors
  (9) Research for pathogenesis and treatment of hypophysio-pituitary tumors
  (10) Clinical research for stereotactic radiosurgery
  (11) Molecularbiological research in neuro-oncology
  (12) Basic research for cerebral ischemia, vasospasm and head injury
  (13) Basic research for neural transplantation
Prof. Masato Fujisawa  
(1) Urological surgery, urinary diversion using bowels
  (2) Treatment for urogenital cancer by gene and immunological methods Diagnosis of urogenital tumor by molecular biology
  (3) Study of urinary tract infection, especially biofilm and bacterial adherence
  (4) Hemodialysis
  (5) Renal transplantation, basic research for pediatric renal transplantation and preservation of kidney
  (6) Andrology, application of assisted reproductive technique (ART), basic research for male infertility
  (7) Study of voiding function, benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH), neurogenic bladder, urinary incontinence
  (8) Pediatric urology
Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Prof. Ken-ichi Nibu  
(1) Research on pathogenesis and treatment of ottitis media with effusion
  (2) Molecular diagnosis on sensorineural hearing loss
  (3) Basic and clinical research on nasal allergy
  (4) Basic research and treatment on olfactory neurogenesis
  (5) Diagnosis and treatment of disorders in phonation and deglutition
  (6) Organ preservation and functional reconstruction in the treatment of head and neck cancer
  (7) Molecular biology of head and neck cancer
Prof. Akira Negi  
(1) Surgical ophthalmology
  (2) Research studies on treatment of macular neovascularization
  (3) Neuroophthalmology (studies on the visual pathway, ocular motility, ocular pathology, biochemistry, ocular immunology, and electrophysiology of the eye)
  (4) Research studies on the fundamentals of glaucoma
  (5) Tumors in the orbital adnexa
  (6) Pediatric ophthalmology (birth and development, visual function, strabismus, amblyopia)
  (7) Studies related to corneal refractive surgery and corneal wound healing
  (8) Basic studies related to the ocular lens
  (9) Studies on the uveal tract, the retina and proliferative retinopathy
  (10) Molecular and cell biology studies on visual disorders
Orthopaedic Surgery
Prof. Masahiro Kurosaka  
(1) Basic and clinical research on reconstruction of the knee ligament
  (2) Biomechanical study on joint replacement
  (3) Basic and clinical research on reconstructive surgery using computer navigation system
  (4) Basic research on fracture healing
  (5) Gene therapy and molecular biology for treatment of the bone and soft tissue tumor
  (6) Basic and clinical research on regeneration and transplantation of the articular cartilage
  (7) Clinical study on pathogenesis of shoulder instability
  (8) Biomechanical study on spine surgery
  (9) Gene therapy for degenerative spinal disk
  (10) Basic study on pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Prof. Takahide Komori  
(1) Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  (2) Experimental and clinical studies on oral cancer
  (3) Study on functional reconstruction of oral and maxillofacial region
  (4) Bacteriological and clinical studies on the infection of oral tissues
  (5) Study on clinical application of laser
  (6) Studies on jaw deformities and temporomandibular disturbance
  (7) Study on regenerative medecine
Department of Cardio-pulmonary and Vascular Medicine
Cardiovascular and Respiratory Medicine
Prof. Mitsuhiro Yokoyama  
(1) Clinical and experimental studies on ischemic heart disease, with special reference to acute coronary syndrome
  (2) Studies on pathogenesis and therapy for heart failure and cardiac hypertrophy
  (3) Molecular researches on pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and hypertension
  (4) Clinical and molecular researches on the pathogenesis of idiopathic cardiomyopathy
  (5) Studies on the prediction and therapy for lethal arrhythmia
  (6) Studies on bronchial inflammation and remodeling
  (7) Studies on pathogenesis and therapy for interstitial pneumonia
  (8) Studies of molecular diagnosis and gene therapy for lung cancer
Cardiovascular, Thoracic and Pediatric Surgery
Prof. Yutaka Okita  
(1) Basic and clinical studies on cardiovascular surgery
  (2) Basic studies on mechanism of developing of aortic aneurysm
  (3) Protection of ischemic spinal cord injury during aortic surgery
  (4) Development of myocardial protection
  (5) Clinical studies on vascular stenting
  (6) Tissue transplantation
  (7) Organ transplantation
  (8) Development of small caliber vascular conduit
  (9) Basic studies on brain ischemia reperfusion injury
  (10) Basic and clinical studies on surgical treatment of lung cancer
  (11) Basic and clinical studies on surgical problems in newborn infants
  (12) Tissue transplantation: Cryopreserved tracheal transplantation
  (13) Basic studies on small bowel transplantation
  (14) Tissue engineering
Perioperative Medicine and Pain Management
Prof. Hidefumi Obara  
(1) Pediatric Anesthesia
  (2) Pulmonary pathophysiology and respiratory care of acute lung injury
  (3) Anesthesia of cardiovascular surgery
  (4) Pathophysiology of sepsis and treatment of septic patient
  (5) Neutrophil function and apoptosis during anesthesia
  (6) Diaphragmatic function
  (7) Pain management
Department of Development and Aging
Women's Medicine
Prof. Takeshi Maruo  
(1) Reproductive endocrinology, particularly endocrine/paracrine/autocrine regulation of proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis of human trophoblast
  (2) Molecular mechanism of ovarian follicle growth and regression
  (3) Basic and clinical study on sterility and infertility
  (4) Sex steroidal regulation of uterine leiomyoma growth and apoptosis
  (5) New modality of hormoral treatment of endometriosis and uterine adenomyosis
  (6) Feto-maternal medicine, particularly molecular mechanism of preeclampsia
  (7) Gynecologic oncology, particularly percutaneous pelvic perfusion chemotherapy with extracorporeal chemofiltration for advanced uterine cervical carcinoma
  (8) Menopausal medicine, particularly sex steroidal regulation of bone metabolism
  (9) Reproductive health care, particularly progestin-releasing intrauterine system and its application to hormone replacement therapy
  (10) Single-chain gonadotropin
Prof. Masafumi Matsuo  
(1) Molecular and cellular therapies
  (2) Neonatology: Pathophysiology of the newborn and premature
  (3) Pediatric neurology: Neurological development and its disorders
  (4) Congenital anomalies and metabolic disorders
  (5) Immunopathology of the pediatric renal diseases
  (6) Pediatric hemato-oncology
  (7) Pediatric psychosomatic disorders
  (8) International pediatrics of health science
Internal and Geriatric Medicine
Prof. Koichi Yokono  
(1) Pathogenesis and prevention of autoimmune diabetes
  (2) Clinical application of comprehensive geriatric assessment
  (3) Neuronal plasticity of the aged and Alzheimer's disease
  (4) Analysis of gastrointestinal motility disorders and gene expression of gastrointestinal hormones
  (5) Gene therapy for advanced cancers
  (6) Basic research of immunology in organ and tissue transplantations
Department of General Therapeutics
Plastic Surgery
Prof. Shinya Tahara  
(1) Surgical methodology of Plastic Surgery
  (2) Tissue transplantation with microvascular surgery
  (3) Research on the "take"mechanism of free-transferred tissue
  (4) Methodology of reconstructive surgery following cancer ablation
  (5) Basic research on wound healing
  (6) Research on scar keloid and hypertrophic scar
  (7) Congenital anomalies
  (8) Traumatology of facial soft tissue and bone
Clinical Pharmacokinetics
(1) Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs
  (2) Tailor-made pharmacotherapy based on genotyping
  (3) Development of drug delivery systems and optimization of gene therapy
  (4) MDR1-mediated transport of drugs and its effects on pharmacokinetics of drugs
  (5) Identification of drug target via transcriptome and proteome analyses
General Medical Science
Prof. Hozuka Akita  
(1) Clinical epidemiology on life style related diseases
  (2) Clinical genetics on life style related diseases
  (3) Clinical investigation on life style related vascular diseases
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