Dean, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine/ School of Medicine

Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine, and School of Medicine originated from Kobe hospital, which was founded in 1869, approximately 150 years ago. I would like to describe the current status and future challenges of the Graduate School of Medicine, and School of Medicine.

Kobe University is now ranked as the priority support level 3, ‘outstanding university for excellent education and research’ by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Therefore, Kobe University is expected to achieve the world's highest level, and Japanese government is eager to support Kobe University. On the other hand, financial autonomy in university management as a national university corporation will be required in the future. In the research of Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine, we launched the "Signal Transduction Medical Research Center", to link the results of basic medical research to translational research for drugs and medical devices. In addition, we have been conducting research for infectious diseases in Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia, on the basis of Center for Infectious Diseases with the support of the program J-GRID since 2015. Increase of neuropsychiatric disorders, such as dementia and mood disorders, has been a major social problem in Japan. We have already started the project of brain science research, the creation of "lifelong health care of the mind", which is conducted by researchers of neurology and neurological sciences. We are making a great effort on education to produce young scientists and physician scientists who can internationally contribute to the fields of cell signaling research and infectious disease research. Every year we have far more applicants to the PhD course than the capacity, indicating that the research-oriented young doctors are increasing in Kobe University. In the Graduate School of Medicine, Biomedical Science (MSc), we promote the development of medical researchers in the biomedicine and medical fields. In Faculty of Medicine, we aim to educate students to raise good doctors with highly special knowledge, skills, and high sense of ethics, who can play important roles in medical society. In addition, we have the special course to produce basic medical researchers. In cooperation with Hyogo prefecture, we provide special admission system "regional frame" of 10 people for each year. We focus on development of community health care workers. In international cooperation, we accelerate the promotion of international exchanges with Southeast Asia in the program, "Education of global medical and health science leaders in the coming generation in cooperation and collaboration with ASEAN countries.” We also focus on the joint research organization with the University of Washington and expand the activities to Europe in the future. As campus and off-campus cooperation, it is important for us to support the establishment of the translational research center and the postgraduate clinical training education system that is integrated with undergraduate education under the reform activity of clinical specialists. In collaboration with all the departments in Kobe University to promote interdisciplinary research, we also extend the cooperation framework with other universities. We strengthen the joint research with external companies in the entire research department, the Regional Medical Activation Center in close collaboration with Hyogo Prefecture, and Medical Industry Development with Kobe city. As described above, we will continue to constitute members work together to promote education, research and clinical activities to achieve the world's highest level in Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine, and School of Medicine. I would like to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart for your support and cooperation.

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