A web-based translation program for Japanese text to braille (eBraille) received
  gGood Design Award 2010h.  

A web-based translation program for Japanese text to braille (eBraille ), which has been developed by Yutaka Takaoka and Toshiko Oshima, was awarded gGood Design Award 2010.h Dr. Y. Takaoka is an associate professor of Division of Applied Genome Science and Bioinformatics and Ms. T. Oshima is the vice-director of Kobe University Hospital. The award ceremony was held on 10th of November 2010 in Tokyo.

eBraille is characterized as follows: First, eBraille is an easy-to-use program for creating braille documents; Second, no softwares other than web browser are essential for eBraille; Third, eBraille provides visually impaired persons with medical informations in braille.

Y Takaoka (left) won Good Design Award 2010.
Indeed, braille brochures for outpatients and inpatients and/or braille documents for medical treatment plan or explanation of disease conditions are available for visually impaired patients in Kobe University Hospital.
geBraille for English,h one of eBraille programs, translates English text into English braille, and is also available on the web site.

Good Design Award is operated by Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO). JIDPO is the sole organization in Japan involved in the comprehensive promotion of design activities.
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