The Nojigikukai organized the 36th Annual Anniversary and General Meeting 2010.

The Nojigikukai organized the 36th Annual Anniversary and General Meeting 2010 on 30h October, 2010 held at Kenmin Hall (the 9th floor) in Kenmin Kaikan. About 240 people including members of Nojigikukai, bereaved families, medical school faculty members and student volunteers attended the meeting.
After the silent prayer to 56 deceased volunteers whose bodies were gifted for the anatomical course in the medical school, Mr. Masao Matsumoto, the General Director of Nojigikukai, gave an opening address at the Meeting. Prof. Kohichi Yokono, Vice-Dean of Kobe University and Ms. Aya Sato, a student representative, gave an address of gratitude for the Nojigikukai. Prof. K. Yokono, who is the Vice Dean of Kobe University and Prof. of General Medicine, delivered a lecture on the prevention, treatment and control of increasing diabetes mellitus. After the interesting lecture, the attendants enjoyed the choruses played by Uozumi Chorus Group, Wakakusa, and the meeting broke up at around 3:30 pm.

The Nojigiku-kai (Nojigiku = Chrysanthemum japonense, a prefectural flower of Hyogo; kai = association) is the association of volunteers who devote their bodies to Kobe University School of Medicine for the anatomical education. Since the Founding of the Nojigikukai in May, 1975, the Nojigikukai has 5658 members on March 31, 2010.

Ms. A. Sato, the student representative expresses thanks for the diseased volunteers and their bereaved families for the anatomical dissection.

All of the attendants listen to the special lecture by Prof. K. Yokono, the Vice Dean of the Kobe University.
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