The research plan is adopted for the Reserve Fund Program of J-GRID sponsored
  by the MEXT.  

The research planCtitled "Serological and molecular characteristics of hepatitis B virus carrier among the children in Indonesia", applied by Dr. Takako Utsumi, has been adopted for "The Reserve Fund Program of Japan Initiative for Global Research Network on Infectious Disease (J-GRID). Dr. Utsumi is an Assistant Professor in the Viral Hepatitis Team of Indonesia-Kobe University Research Center. This research plan aimed to analyse effectiveness and problems of the newborn hepatitis B vaccination, which is widely executed in Indonesia, and to improve Indonesia Government's health policies.
J-GRID, consisted of eight Japanese universities and two Japanese research institutions, has established 12 overseas research collaboration centers in 8 countries, where Japanese scientific staffs are stationed, collaborate and conduct researches in partnership with researchers of overseas institutions. This program is a national project to aim to accumulate technologies of infectious disease studies, to gain new findings, to develop internationally active human resources in the field of infectious diseases and to protect health and safety of the Japanese people.

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