Drs. K. Shiota and T. Terashima were invited as speakers in a symposium
 of the Annual Meeting of Association of Indonesian Anatomists.  

Dr. Kohei Shiota (Vice President, Kyoto University) and Dr. Toshio Terashima (Professor, Division of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Kobe Univeristy Graduate School of Medicine) were invited as symposists in the Annual Meeting of the Indonesian Anatomists at Gadja Mada University (Yogjakarta, Indonesia) on 7th-8th August in 2009, and gave a lecture in the Symposium of Brain Development. Almost two hundred participants came to Yogjakarta from all regional areas of Indonesia.
Two symposia and 187 presentations (171 oral, 16 poster) were scheduled. Dr. Terashima said that it was difficult for him to understand the oral presentations throughout the meeting, because the language spoken in the meeting was Indonesian, but he was much impressed to see the eager discussions after each presentation. Drs. Shiota and Terashima communicated with many Indonesian anatomists including Dr. Rina Susilowati (Gadja Mada University) and Dr. A. Aulia Jusuf (University of Indonesia) who graduated from Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine (doctoral course).

The Gadjah Mada University (GMU) is located in Yogyakarta and has 18 faculties. The GMU was founded in 1949, and is one of the largest universities in Indonesia. Since GMU Faculty of Medicine and Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine have signed Agreement of Academic and Educational Exchange, there are many faculty members of GMU who have visited Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine to study.
Dr. Shiota (left) nad Dr. Terashima (right)
at the entrance of the meeting hall.
Poster session
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