The celebration for the Medical School Excellent Paper Award for 2008 was held.

The award celebration for the Kobe University Medical School Excellent Paper Award for 2008 was held at the professors meeting on December 14 (Wed.) in 2009. Prof. Yoshimi Takai, the dean of the Kobe University Medical School, delivered the Excellent Paper Award with a prize money (100,000 yen) to two winners, Associate Prof. Yuichi Hori (Division of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery) and Dr. Ahmed El-Shamy (Division of Microbiology). Dr. Hori as a representative of two winners expressed their thanks and gratitudes to the attendants.

The excellent papers are as follows:

ĄThe staff section:
Dr. Yuichi Hori, Division of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery
Hori Y, Fukumoto M, Kuroda Y. Enrichment of putative pancreatic progenitor cells from mice by sorting for prominin1(CD133) and platelet-derived growth factor receptor. Stem Cells, 26(11):2912-2920, 2008.

ĄThe student section:
Dr. Ahmed El-Shamy, Division of Microbiology
El-Shamy A, Nagano-Fujii M, Sasase N, Imoto S, Kim SR, Hotta H. Sequence variation in hepatitis C virus nonstructural protein 5A predicts clinical outcome of pregulatedinterferon/ribavirin combination therapy. Hepatology, 48(1):38-47, 2008.

The Medical School Excellent Paper Award is aimed to honour the author(s) of the excellent paper(s) written by staffs and doctoral students at Kobe University to encourage our collogues and students. The paper for the Award is selected among the papers issued during the last academic year.
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