The 2009 annual memorial service for the deseased whose bodies were donated
 to the anatomical dissection was held.  

Kobe University School of Medicine organized the annual memorial service for the deceased whose bodies were donated to the anatomical dissection on Wendsday, November 4, 2009. The service was held at Shofukuji temple, which is affilitiated with Rinzai school of buddism, at Gonomiya-cho, Hyogo-ku, Kobe city. Before the memorial service, Prof. Yoshimi Takai, Dean of the Medical School delivered the MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) Minister's Certificate of Appriciation for Anatomical Donation to the families of 14 deceased pearsons whose bodies were gifted for the anatomical program in the second-grade of the Medical School. Takai expressed thanks for the deceased volunteers and their bereaved families. The service began with Dr. Hiroshi Yokozaki, Professor of Kobe University Medical School (Division of Pathology), reading messages to express thanks to the deceased persons for their antomical donation. Bereaved families and faculty members of the Medical School including the Medical School's 2-year students mourned for the 1,347 deceased persons subjected to anatomical (58), pathological (55) and legal (1,234) dissections. The participants offered burning incense and prayed for the soul of deceased. Since the establishment of the Medical School the number of the deceased persones subjected to the anatomical dissections has amounted to 43,310.

After the memorial service, the 2-year medical students and faculty members of Division of Antomy and Neurobiology climed up the hill back of the temple, and worshiped at the memorial tower to mourn the deceased volunteers whose bodies were donated to the anatomical program of the Medical School.
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