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Welcome to the website for the Division of Translational Research for Biologics at Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine. This site is preliminary and will be updated on a timely manner from now on.

Mission Statement

Issue: Japan is widely seen as a country of cutting edge technology. However, in term of new therapeutic modalities, approximately 80% of new therapies are from foreign countries and none of Japanese pharmaceutical companies are ranked within the top 10 in pharmaceutical leagues worldwide. Due to this technology gap, there exist a significant mismatch between what are available and expectation among Japanese people, specifically patients and their family members of intractable diseases including cancer.

Our solution: One of the missions of our Center is to identify bottlenecks that impede accelerated product development in Japan and to propose solutions, especially for those working at academia. Our proposed approach is based on a reverse-planning. In short, in order to successfully develop promising innovative product candidates, academic scientists need to know expectations of pharmaceutical companies. With that goal in mind, research activities should be coordinated to generate data that allow sound evaluation of candidate compounds.

Another mission of the Center is to serve as a point of reference for product development. For that purpose, we will keep updated latest methodologies and information related to translational medicine.


We look forward to helping you in whatever capacity we can.

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Regulatory Pathway for the Development of Advanced therapy
Presented at 2011 JSGT, Fukuoka,JAPAN Guideline_poster201107.pdf