Participants' Accounts


Seminar program (workshop for graduate students)

Hiromi Minato
(Graduate School of Health Sciences 1st Year, master's program)

Location: Universitas Indonesia
Period: January 28, 2013- February 1, 2013
January 28:
Kansai International airport →Jakarta (transit Denpasar)
January 29:
Meeting for Student seminar
Visit a laboratory
January 30:
Meeting for Student seminar
Visit a hospital
January 31:
Student seminar
February 1:
Denpasar→Kansai International airport

Purpose of this visit

The purpose of this visit is to participate in a Student Seminar held at university of Indonesia and to again more insight each other through discussion about our study.

Visitation of laboratory

We visited the laboratory in Faculty of Medicine the second day. The laboratory was equipped with considerably high facilities and has BSL3 rooms that were rare even in Japan. I was surprised to know that they can prosecute their studies in the environment which is not different from Japan. The left picture shows equipment that purifies tap water. Jakarta was developed than expected and there are facilities almost same as developed countries. On the other hand, the maintenance of tap water is not yet ready, and it is necessary to filter once and experiments have to be carried out with this water. Actually, in the hotel we stayed, two-bottled water was provided for each room to toothbrush free of charge and people in Indonesia also do not drink tap water.

Visitation of hospital

The third day, we visited hospital near the universality. University of Indonesia does not have University hospital. The clinical departments belong to different hospitals by departments, we visited emergency and anatomy room. The entrance of emergency part was wide enough to allow them cope when many patients are carried in disasters or accidents. There were some triage rooms in the end of the entrance and patients are divided into three classes by the severity of a patient's illness. Anatomy room had some dissection table for student’s study as well as in Japan. A lot of specimens not only human but also animals were employed in the next room.

Student Seminar

The second and third day, we had a meeting for Student Seminar on January 31 with students of university of Indonesia. Students supposed to manage this Seminar, so we introduced our study and ourselves. After that we divided these subject into 4 sessions Drug, Infection, Vaccine, and Basic research. In addition, we decided role allotment, moderator, timekeeper and mike. I did my presentation in Infection group.


The reason why I decided to take part in this project is that I learned to study abroad and to challenge various things are important through some classes in graduate school and the experience of participation of international congress. I was provoked by speeches and attitude for their study of participants and my motivation to learn improved. I would like to participate thus opportunity again in order to deepen an international understanding.