Participants' Accounts


Seminar program (workshop for graduate students)

Yuki Nakanishi
(Graduate School of Health Sciences 1st Year, master's program)


January 28, Monday
Leaving Kansai International Airport (Osaka) to Jakarta via Denpasar, Indonesia
January 29, Tuesday
First meeting with the students of University of Indonesia, the Faculty of Medicine (FKUI)
Arranging about the order, timetable, and allocation of roles in the presentation
Visiting the research institute of FKUI
January 30, Wednesday
Visiting University of Indonesia, the Faculty of Medicine and their hospital
Last meeting and practice for presentation
January 31, Thursday
Student Scientific Meeting at FKUI
Presentation of certificate
Leaving Jakarta International Soekarno-Hatta Airport to Denpasar
February 1, Friday
Leaving Denpasar International Airport
Arriving at Osaka, Kansai International Airport


From January 28th to February 1st, we seven students from Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine and Health Sciences visited Indonesia and held the scientific meeting at University of Indonesia (UI) with UI students. This reports about our activities during the program period.

January 29, 2013
The next day of our arriving at Jakarta, the first meeting with UI students was held at the library of the Faculty of Medicine at UI at 9 am. After the self-introduction each other, we set about classification of our speeches into the related sections. Through considering several opinions, this matter was eventually concluded to put into four sections. And approximate timetable of the meeting and some roles consisting of moderator, timekeeper, and person handing the mike over the audience in each section were ditermined and then the meeting finished.
After the lunch, we visited the researh institute in IASTH building at this campus and observed the laboratory with our shoes covered. The most impressive thing for me was pretreatment of tap water by filtration before running water through the equipments. During the stay, we found that quality of tap water was still developing and not enough, so that in Jakarta people were usually drinking bottled water.

January 30, 2013
This day, we visited Faculty of Medicine at UI and the hospital before the meeting.
Salemba campus has not only Faculty of Medicine but also Faculty of Dentistry within it. And they have no University Hospital like Kobe Univ. Instead, Dr Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, one of their teaching hospitals, is the neighbor of this campus.
The campus had an open atmosphere, and there were less students than usual because it was during a school holiday. Then, we could visit the Anatomy classroom of the Faculty of Medicine by their courtesy. As similar as in Japan, several dissecting tables were set in the room, but it differed in well-ventilation with all open windows.
After that, we moved to the Emergency unit in the hospital. Entrance for non-medical staffs into the room was allowed, which was not uncommon in Japan and impressed us with surprise.
Then, we had a meeting again and made sure how to proceed the presentation and practiced our own speeches.

January 31, 2013
Student Scientific Meeting started earlier than scheduled. After the opening remarks by Prof. Pratiwi and Prof. Hotta and photo session, all of 17 presentations were conducted with each sections, Drug, Infection, Vaccine, and Basic Research. My presentation was “Infection dynamics of Centrocestus armatus to the second intermediate host fish.”
Both Indonesian and Japanese students were awarded the certificates after the meeting and we successfully completed the meeting.


Regarding this meeting, lively discussion after my presentation couldn’t be obtained unfortunately partly because of specificity of our topic. However, the first presentation at the foreign conference provided confidence to us and motivated us toward learning English and research activity. Additionally, we found young researchers of our generation were working hard on their studies in developing Asian countries, which strongly encouraged us.