Participants' Accounts


Seminar program (workshop for graduate students)

Saki Takei
(Graduate School of Medicine 2nd Year, master's program)

From January 28 to February 1, 2013, I participated in the research presentation meeting for graduate student held in Indonesia University. The meeting was conducted as a part of “Training the global leader of next-generation medicine and health study by cooperation and collaboration with ASEAN countries” program. The aim in which I decide to participate in this program is mainly the following two points.
1. To do an active international exchange with the student of Indonesia University
2. To present audiences the result of my research, correctly and intelligibly
Because it is very difficult for me to communicate in English, I expect this opportunity to study abroad is a chance to improve my communication ability. Students in Indonesia University had skilled English and they greet me frankly with smile, so I was able to answer pleasantly. They took us the laboratory of the medical department and the medical facilities of Indonesia University. We had precious experience looking on the internal equipment which cannot be seen for foreigners.
Students Scientific Meeting was planned for both Indonesian and Japanese students to be major leading parts of role. Through 2 day’s discussion, we determined the schedule of the meeting and the role of each student.
Since the students who are doing research in various fields attended the meeting and they were given 10 minutes for their presentation and 5 minutes for discussion, we were looking forward to performing discussion in detail. But practically, I could hardly understand about the contents of their presentations and it was not able to ask a question actively. Also I couldn’t answer to the questions about my own presentation well, and I keenly realized my immaturity.
If our research is outstanding, we need a command of English to present it to the world. Fortunately, after the meeting, I was able to discuss with the student who asked me individually. I realized that I had to learn English in order to discuss confidently in front of a large number of people to make use of a chance.
I will graduate soon and be about to work. I’d like to study English and manage it more confidently if I have an opportunity to discuss in English at the office or some meetings. I had precious experience through joining this program in my last year of university life. It is an essential to act positively, not avoid making a communication in English. I’d like to continue to work hard, remembering a desire which I got through this experience.