Participants' Accounts


Seminar program (workshop for graduate students)

Yoshino Hasegawa
(Graduate School of Medicine 2nd Year, master’s program)

I really appreciate that I got the chance to do oral presentation about my research in the Student Scientific Meeting in Universitas Indonesia(UI) on 31th January 2013, and made a journey to Indonesian Jakarta from 28th January to 1st February.
Before I went to Indonesia, I took a class to improve my English level. I learned how to introduce myself and modified my slides to be easily understood. It was very helpful.
We were provided an opportunity to visit the research facility of UI and the hospital which attaches to the medical department before we started the meeting. Indonesian researchers made a thorough distinction by experimental level and a thorough prevention of contamination. There was a beautiful and advanced research establishment, I was very impressed to their research motivation. Moreover, the hospital was different from that in Japan. I felt that Japan has a wonderful medical environment.
I was surprised that culture and food of Indonesian are so different from those of Japan, such as hot food, hygiene, overwhelmed traffic condition, Muslim prayers, but also was a fresh experience.
However, when I stood in front of audience, I deeply felt that my English level was low, especially the communication skills in practical English. As I spoke “Katakana English”, I barely understood their questions in fluent English. The teachers and students of UI are very kind. Although I asked them to repeat their questions again and again, they still attempted to let me understand by restating in easy words with patience. It is impossible to improve English skills dramatically in 5 days, but I have realized the importance to try to communicate even if I use incorrect words.
I’ll work in the pharmaceutical industry from this spring. I won’t dismiss this experience as a past event. I’d like to be proactive in communication and to become a parson of talent who will be capable of performance on a global level.
Acknowledgement; Prof. H, Hotta, Prof. T, Kuno, Prof. Shold, several members of International Exchange Support Division, and all the people involved in this activity.