Participants' Accounts


Seminar program (workshop for graduate students)

Ning Ma
(Graduate School of Medicine 1st Year, doctoral program)


While pursuing my studies, I hoped to attend the international seminar to interact with other countries’ researchers, learn more about the current developments in medicine field. When I heard this cooperation program between our university and Indonesia University, I know it’s a good chance. And my advisor also strongly suggested me to apply. After hearing about the arrangements, I was immediately interested.
Kobe University has concluded academic exchange agreements with Indonesia University. We have been conducting intensive exchanges for education and research with each other, which enriches the academic environment on campus.


1/28 Mon. Go abroad;
1/29 Tue. Decide the presentation’s order; visit Jakarta;
1/30 Wed. Presentation practice; observe the hospital of Indonesia University;
1/31 Thu. Arrange the meeting room; give the presentation in English; return home.

Decide the presentation’s order

We arrived in the evening on January 28th and lived in Sari Pan Pacific Hotel which is the most famous one in Indonesia capital Jakarta and also very near with Indonesia University. Next morning we went to Indonesia University and decided the presentation’s order. In total 16 students would give report on the seminar including 9 students from Kobe University and 7 students from Indonesia University .All the reporters were divide into four groups:drug, basic research, vaccine and inflection. Every 8 partners would give a report in the morning and the afternoon. After that we had lunch at Indonesia University. This was the first time for us to taste Indonesian local food. It was mainly consisted of chicken and salad. In the afternoon, Indonesia University kindly arranged a tour bus guiding us to visit Indonesian symbolic tower MONAS. On the way back, we shopped in the local super mart.

Presentation practice

On January 30th we observed Indonesia University Hospital following the guide of Mrs. Kevin. The hospital’s facilities and medical conditions were not as advanced as our university. But the doctors were kindly and patient that they all spoke to patients gently and listened to them carefully. It was very impressive to me. If there was opportunity in future, I want to be a medical treatment volunteer in Indonesia. Then we practiced the next day’ presentation together.


January 31st, it’s the day for the seminar. We all came to the conference hall early to arrange the room. I was the third one to give a presentation. It was the first time for me giving a presentation at an international meeting. Although I had remembered my report content and practiced many times, I was very nervous. As my English is poor, I couldn’t answer all the questions clearly. I realized again that English is exactly important to communicate with foreign. I think I should practice give the report in English even in our own lab seminar.


I would like to say that this international presentation gave me a lot of good experiences. I have not only learned the presentation skills, but also learned how to communicate with the foreign. One thing I think I have really gained is that I will not so nervous on next public presentation. And I would like to work in foreign countries more than before. I really recommend my juniors to join this international presentation in the future.
Finally, I greatly appreciate to everybody who gave me this opportunity.