Participants' Accounts


Seminar program (workshop for graduate students)

Nur Imma Fatimah Harahap
(Graduate School of Medicine 1st Year, doctoral program)

Student Scientific Meeting between Universitas Indonesia and Kobe University was being held on Friday, 31st January 2013. In this event, 8 students from Kobe University, 2 students from Osaka University and 6 students from Universitas Indonesia were gathering together to present their own research. Before the presentation, all of students had organized together the preparation of the Student Scientific Meeting. The preparation meeting itself was held two days from 29th ? 30th January.

29th January 2013

The first day of the preparation meeting agenda was the official introduction from the vice deans of Kobe University and Universitas Indonesia. The introduction continued to all of the students who participated this meeting. In this preparation meeting, the students organized together how to manage the real event of Student Scientific Meeting from the beginning until the end. By organizing together, it grew the friendship among students. The Student Scientific Meeting not only in the scientific content, but also in the friendship itself was established among students.

30th January 2013

The second day of the preparation meeting was the rehearsal of student presentations. In this meeting, student tried to present their own research in the exact time. We also set the job description for every role in the Student Scientific Meeting such as Master of Ceremony, moderator, time keeper, and mic holder. These roles made all of students worked as a team.
After finishing the preparation meeting, students from Kobe University and Osaka University got an orientation around Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital and Medical faculty of Universitas Indonesia. In this orientation, we got information about Emergency Room’s medical doctor’s works, facilities and patient management. Besides the hospital, we also had been invited to visit anatomy laboratory in Medical Faculty of Universitas Indonesia. In the laboratory we had opportunities in seeing some human cadavers and anatomical models of normal and abnormal human. Indeed, we also saw anatomical models of older species of human being.

31st January 2013

There were 2 agendas being held in Medical Faculty of Universitas Indonesia. The first agenda was the inauguration of Prof . Hotta as Adjunct Professor in Medical Faculty of Universitas Indonesia and the second agenda was the Student Scientific Meeting. The Meeting opened with the welcome remarks from vice dean of Medical Faculty of Universitas Indonesia, prof. Pratiwi and continued with welcome remarks from vice dean of Graduate School of Medicine, Kobe University, Prof. Hotta. After the welcome remarks from both universities, the event continued to the presentations of students from Kobe University, Osaka University and Universitas Indonesia.

The presentations were divided into four main themes. They were drug, infection, vaccine and basic science research. Hereby the order of presenters in the Student Scientific Meeting:

A. Theme 1 : Drug
Nur Imma Fatimah Harahap (Kobe University)
Meutia Ayu Puteri (Universitas Indonesia)
Ma Ning (Kobe University)
Zhang Lili (Kobe University)
B. Theme 2 : Infection
Mirari Prasada Judio (Universitas Indonesia)
Yuki Nakanishi (Kobe University)
Hiromi Minato (Kobe University)
Hartiowidi Yuliawuri (Universitas Indonesia)
C. Theme 3 : Vaccine
Dwi Hilda Putri (Universitas Indonesia)
Yuuka Ohbori (Osaka University)
Saki Takei (Kobe University)
Suzuka Ozaki (Osaka University)
D. Theme 4 : Basic Science
Ariel Pradipta (Universitas Indonesia)
Yoshino Hasegawa (Kobe University)
Toshiaki Kato (Kobe University)
Denni Joko Purwanto (Universitas Indonesia)

The Student Scientific Meeting was closed with the certification to all of the presenters. As symbolic, vice dean of Graduate School of Medicine Kobe University, Prof Hotta gave certificate to Ariel Pradipta (representative of Indonesian students). In other side, vice dean of Medical Faculty Universitas Indonesia gave certificate to Toshiaki Kato (representative of Japanese students). By the end of this Student Scientific Meeting, all of students hoped that this event can continue annually in the future in order to establish knowledge exchange, friendship and working collaboration among students from these three universities.