Participants' Accounts


Seminar program (workshop for graduate students)

Lili Zhang
(Graduate School of Medicine 4th Year, doctoral program)

First of all, I would like to thank this program for giving me the chance to do oral presentation in Universitas Indonesia, which is the best university in Indonesia.
Although I had given oral presentation in English for several times, this was my first time to give a speech in front of a large audience. It was exciting. But I was also very nervous because I worried about if it could go well. As it is difficult to give a presentation in a foreign language, I took an English lecture to improve oral presentation skills before leaving. I learned how to make a self-introduction to capture listeners’ attention and how to deliver an oral presentation including talking to the audience, using simple language and body language to communicate and interacting with the audience. These skills make me more confident.
The purpose of this Student Science Meeting is “Knowledge Transfer in Health Science Research”, so we would share our research data, give some advice to others and receive some wonderful advice. I think the most interesting part of the meeting is that we totally organized the meeting by ourselves. On the first day, we made a schedule and according to our research we set 4 sections, Drugs, Infecting, Vaccine and Basic Research. We also decided who would be a moderator or a time-keeper, or holding mike in different sections. On the second day, to ensure that the meeting would go smoothly, we did a rehearsal on schedule and everybody made a quick talk. That was the last time we practiced. On the third day, the meeting was beginning. I felt very nervous from morning and I took deep breath to try to calm down. But it didn’t work. I couldn’t relax myself until I walked to the stage. When I took the microphone, suddenly, my confidence was back. I started my talk slowly with a smile. I even made direct eye-contact with some of my audience.
During these days, I have made progress in oral presentation skills and English Communication. The biggest benefit I learned from the meeting is how to organize an international congress. I think this is important and let us benefit all our lives. Thanks again for the opportunity.